Episode 15

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Show Notes

Wonder Woman and Superman Match.com profiles

Article analyzing Wonder Woman and Superman as a couple

Podcast addendum: just got back from my second viewing and, as suspected, I enjoyed it a whole ton more. It’s a really, really good movie, even if it isn’t as faithful to the comics as I’d like. I was wrong about a couple of things in my review: Hippolyta does call Antiope her sister, and one thing Ares says at the end was worded in such a way that it can be interpreted two ways, but I won’t go into details here because of spoilers. Oh, and the Colonel whom Steve reports to is named Darnell, but the only place they say that is in the credits. But anyway, despite my initial misgivings the movie is really good and seems to be doing well with audiences! Yay!

Script for the cancelled Joss Whedon Wonder Woman movie

Wreck of Danica Patric’s Wonder Woman carAric Almirola’s condition, and the Wonder Woman car’s entry into Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s car graveyard

Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter at Wonder Woman premiere

Two pre-released songs from the Wonder Woman soundtrack

Man at Arms: Reforged videosWonder Woman movie shield and sword

The Doubleclicks Wonder music video


Intro music: Wonder Woman Theme (The Best Themysciran Symphony Dialogue Dance Mix) by TazDamianDevil: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yivtn1qRo20
Outro music: Wonder by The Doubleclicks: www.thedoubleclicks.com

Review Summaries for the Hearing Impaired


2 thoughts on “Episode 15

  1. I thought the mention of Morpheus in the post-Crisis issue was interesting. I know that this was at least a year before Sandman came out, and in DC lore Gaiman’s Morpheus was imprisoned at this time, but it’s still fun to think of it as some kind of early Easter egg

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    1. We actually saw the Olympian version of Morpheus back in issue 11 during the “Challenge of the gods” storyline, and he was a distinctly un-Gaimanesque old guy in robes. I might try to speculate that this was some kind of projected aspect of the Endless version, but I don’t feel like giving myself a headache today! 😉


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