Episode 2

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Show Notes

Original Harry G. Peter Wonder Woman Costume Concept Art

Cancelled Justice League Movie Script Table Read

Intro music: Wonder Woman Theme (The Best Themysciran Symphony Dialogue Dance Mix) by TazDamianDevil: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yivtn1qRo20
Outro music: Wonder by The Doubleclicks: www.thedoubleclicks.com

Review Summaries for the Hearing Impaired

(Not exact transcripts, these are the summaries I write up that I base the recordings on. I’m including them in the post to make the podcast more accessible.)

Sensation Comics Vol. 1 Issue 2
Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Wonder Woman is flying a silent, transparent plane with the bandaged Steve Trevor lying unconscious on a cot beside her. Steve awakens for a moment, thinking he’s in heaven and that Diana is a beautiful angel, which she says is the first time a man’s called her beautiful. Continue reading “Episode 2”